- Stove Lining

If you're intrested in having a wood burning stove or a multi fuel stove, due to new regulations, you will have to have the chimney relined. The chimney liner is there to ensure safe usage of your stove by preventing carbon monoxide leaking into other areas of the property. This will also increase the performance and efficiency of the flue. A wood stove or multi fuel stove can be up to 80% efficient in comparison to open fires which might be as low as 25%.

We have a very experienced team of HETAS approved installers who ensure all our stoves and flexible liners are fitted to the highest standards. If you have no chimney or would like the stove in a less conventional position, we can offer a solution to suit such as our twin flue wall system. Each installation has a 10 year guarantee.

- Chimney Testing

A.H.E. Thatcher use CCTV equipment to inspect the inside of your chimney for the following:
  • Identify the flues dimensions and confirm the most appropriate lining method.
  • Establish the cause of a major smoke leakage.
  • View blocked flues or restricted flues caused by animal nests, fallen debris, restricted bends or other objects breaching the flue.
  • Check for damage which may have occurred following a chimney fire, subsidence, earthquake, and/or wear and tear over time.
Once we have finished a CCTV survey we will then discuss our findings and then proceed with any appropriate work.

- Flexible Chimney Liners

Only the best quality flexible chimney liners from reputable manufacturers are used to ensure a safe and long lasting installation with the minimum 10 year guarantee. We fit all sizes of chimney liners from 5 to 14 inches.

Our surveyors will provide you with the appropriate liner for the situation that is required, and each installation is always signed off under building and Hetas regulations.

- Twin Wall Flue Systems

The twin wall flue system is a safe way of venting the flue gases when no chimney is available.

The system consists of insulated twin wall pipe that is held by bracketry and plating. This will also have a 10 year guarantee.